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Michael Scalere

With 20 years marketing experience at major television networks, Mike has developed a second nature for Marketing and Promotions. Kick ass creative is what he is good at, delivering what clients want, when they want it is what he excels at. From planning and executing entire campaigns including video, print and digital, to delivering one, very high profile spot for the Super bowl, Mike is the clutch hitter you want in your corner at the buzzer when the sports metaphors run rampant.
Adam Bio Pic

Adam Rosante

A creative, energetic executive with the ability to move people through the power of story, Adam has nearly two decades of in-the-trenches experience. He spent the early part of his career at top 5 TV networks and opened the doors at Soul Kitchen to work with a wider array of clients. Adam has a knack for architecting the big picture and then diving into the details to execute. Ask him about the time he was shooting in New Orleans, sprinted off set and came back from the alleys with a 6-foot piece of drywall.

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